Thursday, December 9, 2010

We're So Sorry Super Junior...

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I can't believe it. I'm crying.

I'm crying because Super Junior didn't win the Daesang award.

I'm crying because we know that Teukie oppa wanted this award before he leaves for the military. And now he didn't get it.

I'm crying because all of our oppas worked so hard for this. We know how much they deserved this. They had the busiest schedules ever, doing SS3 almost every other month, KRY concerts in most weekends, radio stints, SM Town Live, acting debuts, musicals... This award was the only way for us to show how much they worked so hard.

I'm crying because ELFs think it's their fault and it hurts me to see my fellow ELFs blaming their selves. I know ELFs did a wonderful job. They did great. If we didn't work hard, then they wouldn't get the Bonsang now, wouldn't they? Please stop blaming yourselves...

I'm crying because some ELFs are bashing SNSD and sones...Some ELFs may deny this. But I could see some ELFs tweets that they are. ELFs, Heenim doesn't want us to do that. Please calm down. I know you don't mean any of it because sones are our sisters and brothers too. Sones, we're proud of you guys too. But please understand why we're so sad and depressed because of this.Please don't be mad at us if you read any bashing going on.

I'm crying for a lot of reasons. But before you judge me for being a cry baby, let me explain.

I've never felt such a strong emotion for somebody I haven't met before (well, except God but you know what I mean).

This is the first time I've felt so deeply connected to a group of people like they're my family, my older brothers... I've just known them since June but I already love them so much. I care for them a lot too.

It may sound silly for others to see us cry and ask for forgiveness from our oppas, but if you aren't a fangirl or fanboy who deeply loves your idols, then you don't know how we feel.

ELFs, please don't be discouraged. Let's use this moment to be stronger than before. Even if Leeteuk oppa will be off to the military soon, we're still going to fight for that Daesang. We're not called EVERLASTINGFRIENDS for nothing.

Super Junior, mianhe... We're so sorry that we broke our promise. But we're not giving up. Ever. We believe SJ's is going to be so much stronger next year.

And ELFs will be strong too.


credit to Maiza Uygongco

this is what i really felt but people does not understand~

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