Monday, August 27, 2012

Riang Ria Raya 2012~f.a.m.i.l.y.

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Raya tahun ni best sangat sebab the whole big family belah abah pakai baju ikut tema,GREY!i mean the whole family dari atuk nenek family Mok Nah Cik Cik War dan mestilah family I jugak!cuma family Ayah Sue yang degil tak nak ikut tema dan family Ayah Chik yang tak tahu ada tema je yang tiba-tiba tersama pakai pink.dan lagi satu renovate rumah pun dah siap,rumah jadi lagi besar dan luas dan I dapat bilik sendiri!auuuwwww senang nak tampal poster SJ nanti dah ada bilik sendiri.ok itu lain punya entry.

Sudahlah grey lepastu kain pun sama,kain kosong jadi macam lagi olololololo comel sangat!betul ni comel sangat,tak percaya tengok gamabr-gambar kat bawah.rasa nak lempang je!

 cousins!ha,kan dah cakap comel bila semua pakai baju sama!ahaks!:p

Haji Ismail dan Hajah Fatimah sekeluarga.tak cukup besar lagi family atok.
Aidilfitri 2012,everyone is there!(:


 imam tengah bagi khutbah raya kitorang bergambar!haipp!double N siblings!

 agak busuk sebab amateur yang ambil walaupun seawal pagi raya.
yang comel punya bawah lagi.sila scroll down.hahahahaha.

 cucu-cucu Che Will.kecuali yang duduk sebelah atok aku tu yang lain bujang lagi.
eh,yang depan no 2 dari kanan tu pun taken by Siwon,muahahaha!

 butterfly girls!eh ni pun baju sama.mak suka baju sama2 neh,nampak syncrhonize.


 the siblings!(:
walaupun selalu gaduh,kau bahan aku,aku bahan kau tapi inilah kesayangan aku!
air dicincang takkan putus,kan kan?

the family!(:
my heart.

jadi aku sangat suka raya tahun ni.walaupun officially dah tak dapat duit raya sebaliknya aku pulak yang kena bagi duit raya tambah-tambah dengan penambahan ahli keluarga,Amily dan Qaireen bajet pun kena makin luas.aduyaiii!
tak banyak pun gambar raya sebab kalut pergi beraya tak bergambar sangat.

anyway not to late kot nak wish Selamat Hari Raya to all pembaca belog ni walaupun tak ramai,xpe itu tak penting.sesiapa pun yang datang baca belog busuk I ni,Selamat Hari Raya!kekekekeke.:D

episod seterusnya dengan kawan-kawan pulak.okbye.

Friday, August 24, 2012

240812-Jongwoonie day!

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3 days after Kibummie,today is our weird yet handsome-sweet-caring brother birthday,Yesunggie!Y Style and H&G boss,I love you!:)

Kim Jongwoon oppa,happy birthday!

I pray for your happiness and healthy.
stay like that forever.
get married soon oppa!(:

raya entry will up soon,when i got back to Shah Alam

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Kibummie's birthday!

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Our Kibummie birthday!our Kibum turns 25 today!just like me and Ryeowook!kekeke.welcome to the club,youngster!(:

Happy 25th birthday,Kibummie!
I hate it when people calls him Kibum the former member of SJ.I hate it when people calls him actor should be Kibum the member of SJ and SJ's matter what people say about him,he still the member of SJ.even SJ members themselves said like that and still keep the faith,why shouldnt I?he's just being apart for a while to persue his other dream.later in the future he will comeback to SJ.I have the faith.finger cross!
I hope you're always doing well and healthy
catch all your dreams and when you are ready,returns to us proudly.

Monday, August 13, 2012

my SPY...

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After a long wait...
After all the anger that bottle up in ourselves...
After all the curse we throw towards SM...
After a piece of patience we keep since a week ago...

Finally the MV is out!finally!

 my SPY.

Sungmin's last shoot kill me.die by now.bye!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

magic touch~Siwon!

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Another fic which story idea by me and written by an amazing writter,superjuniorelfjewel.just like admin R from SJPF she's also a talented person.i really thanked her and of course credit goes to her!:D

“Take care of yourself okay?” You kissed your husband and he bent down to look at your son.
            “Jaewon, take good care of umma for me okay?” Siwon ruffled his hair and stood up. “You, take care. Make sure our baby’s healthy so I can be there when she’s born okay?”
            You smiled. “You have two weeks to get back then.” He kissed you again and walked out, carrying his two suitcases with him. You watched him go with a slight sadness. Siwon was always leaving to places and you knew it wasn’t his fault. He was always busy and you were proud that he was so popular. In this case, he was filming in Taiwan for a drama.
            It bothered you slightly that even though you two had started a family he was still a bit reluctant to end his activities for a hiatus. You hugged your son to you and you both waved good bye to Siwon as he got into the waiting van.
            You waddled back into the house and rubbed your stomach. You were expecting your second child and you both secretly hoped it was a daughter. You had a name planned and wanted to call her Eunwon because she would be the baby jewel of your hearts.
            A few days passed and you and Siwon had contacted back and forth. He was having fun shooting his drama and you were proud that he always found time to call. But one night, you woke up with severe cramping. You knew from experience that the baby was going to be slightly earlier than expected and that your contractions have started.
            You decided to call Siwon. His phone rang and rang and you waited, trying to fight off the growing pains that were forming. For the first time in days, it went straight to voicemail and you wanted to scream with frustration. You called again and again, each time hearing, Anyeonghaseyo. You have reached Super Junior’s Choi Siwon. I’m not here at the moment but leave a message and I will get back to you.
            You tossed the phone aside and walked up slowly to get your overnight bag. A piece of paper caught your eye and you knew who to call. His sister, Jinwon, had told you to contact her in case of an emergency. And this was definitely an emergency.
            “Yoboseyeo?”Her soft voice came over thephone.
            “Jinwon? It’s me. Siwon’s not picking up and I need to go to the hospital.”
            “Stay right there. Is Jaewon asleep? I’ll bring him to my parents later after I drop you off.” She worked quickly and efficiently and was soon ushering you into the maternity ward.
            You were told to wait on the bed and a doctor came by to check how far along you were. “Well, Mrs. Choi, I want to tell you that your water hasn’t broken yet. How about we take a walk around and see if you can get that baby moving?”           
            You walked out to the waiting room where Jinwon was humming Jaewon to sleep. Your son wanted to stay and had refused to go to his grandparents’ house. “Give me the phone, unni. I want to try him again.”
            You held the phone close to your ear and waited. The long ringing was ominous and each one seemed long and drawn out, much longer than the last. You groaned into the phone when the voice message appeared and you felt something trickle down your legs.
            “Great, now my water breaks. He’s really not picking up.”
            Jinwon’s eyebrows furrowed and she took you back inside. The nurses began to swarm around you and you clutched the sheets. “How much longer?”
            The nurse peeked between your legs and said, “You’re four centimeters dear. You still have a bit to go. Just take your time and relax okay? You’ll get there. I need to fill out your profile. Do you have any other children?”
            “Yeah, a son. He’s turning two in a month.”
            The nurse continued to ask questions until you heaved and she dropped her papers. “I’ll get the doctor.”
            As the doctor ordered you to push, you still wondered just where Siwon was. The pain was overwhelming and you had to be content with just holding a pillow to squeeze away the pain. Sometime in the middle of your haze, you heard a flurry of movement and suddenly a presence was next to you.
            You grabbed the strong, warm hand being offered to you and didn’t bother to think. You pushed and sighed when you heard the strong cry of a healthy newborn. Your eyes shut and you collapsed against the pillow.
            When you opened your eyes again, you saw Siwon staring at you. “Baby, I’m so sorry. I came the moment I heard. We were stuck in a typhoon and my phone was back on set. But you did so well. I’m proud of you.”
            “Is it a girl?”
            He beamed. “Yes! We have a baby Eunwon. She’s waiting to meet her mommy. I’ll bring her in.”
            Before he walked out, you grabbed his sleeve and smiled. “Did I hurt your hand?”
            He chuckled and showed you the red grip marks you had made but leaned down and kissed you. “Doesn’t matter. It was all worth it.”

because I always imagine myself have two kids with Siwon.hjkshdgbdfhtdwkdu hahahahahaha!slapped my face.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

santapan tengahari...ketupat~

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Aku jarang tulis pasal office di belog,kan kan?kalau ada pun satu or dua because before this tak banyak perkara happening yang berlaku di office,lebih banyak yang menyakitkan hati dan menguji kesabaran so aku malas nak bising kat sini.tapi lately things seems change.mungkin sebab ramadhan kot,that ahjumma tak menjerit-jerit dah.kalau jerit pun volume rendah je.ngehngehngeh.aku pun membuka ruang untuk 'geng contract 3rd party'.before this aku tak adalah close sangat dengan dorang semua,memang sengaja aku menjarakkan ruang,aku pun tak tahu kenapa tapi sekarang kitorang dah macam agak close.dulu tak pernah pun aku nak pergi join dorang makan sekali walaupun berkali-kali dorang ajak.aku lebih comfortable dengan anak-anak geng aku,budak 3 ketul tuh.dulu kalau dorang bahan aku sikit pun aku dah sentap sampai tak layan dorang 2 3 hari tapi sekarang macam aku dah boleh masuk dengan dorang.join lunch sekali.kalau kena bahan pun aku bahan dorang balik.

Dan semalam rasa happening dan meriah sebab semua orang dekat 3rd party cuba anyam ketupat untuk lekat kat ceiling.ketupat yang guna reben tu bukan ketupat guna daun palas.haip!aku yang memang tak pernah anyam ketupat memang konpem-konpem la fail.tapi rasa seronok sangat tengok dorang cuba anyam ketupat dan gelak-gelak bagai.something not always happen in 3rd party claim Etiqa.

Iqa dan Ika gigih mengayam.inipun starter tapi hari ni dah terror!daebakk.

 lunch hour.Bala dengan Kudus pasang lampu raya.
Syihaab buat ketupat.padahal betulkan yang dah siap.

 minah ni dari semalam sampai hari ni still hancuss.hahahaha.

dan 1st time dapat kad raya!yeayyyy!1st Exec to get kad raya!hakhakhak bukan riak.
 dari workshop.bagilah duit raya jugak kot ye pun.
walaupun begitu aku still nak keluar dari Etiqa dengan kadar segera.okbye.


Monday, August 6, 2012

our pride~DLCW

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Dengan kemenangan pingat perak Dato' Lee Chong Wei tadi maka berakhirlah perjuangan Malaysia di Olimpik London 2012.walaupun agak sedih dan kecewa tapi jutaan rakyat Malaysia tetap bangga dengan beliau,at least ada pingat dan boleh masuk list-negara-yang-dapat-pingat-dalam-newspaper dah.sekurang-kurangnya dunia tahu Malaysia itu wujud.congrats Dato' dan kontinjen Malaysia!Malaysia Boleh!

sekarang mari sokong negara mentua Korea Selatan pulak since dorang tak habis lagi berjuang.Taeee~~hanminguk!!:p

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Sampul Duit Raya;exclusive!

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Few days ago ternampak dalam facebook yang E-pop version Malay yang edisi Ogos cover SJ dan ada sampul duit raya dorang jugak.masa tu dah melompat-lompat dan berazam apa pun yang berlaku mesti dapatkan sampul duit raya SJ.then since 4 hari lalu aku asyik pergi kedai yang sama sebab nak tengok dah keluar ke belum majalah ni tapi semua kedai yang aku pergi ni tak ada.start nak cuak kot-kotlah dah habis tapi aku tak tanya pun tuan kedai.sampailah hari ni sekali lagi nekad pergi kedai yang sama untuk hari ke 5 dan yeaayyyy dah ada!banyak lagi.rupanya hari ni ke baru keluar kat pasaran,ceh!E-Pop provides 3 sampul-SJ,SNSD dan Big Bang.

 Tahun ke-3 kumpul sampul duit raya SJ.kekekeke.
padahal tak guna pun.buat koleksi je,sayang kot!

siapa nak duit raya dalam sampul ni bolehlah datang beraya rumah I tapi raya pertama je,kena salam mintak maaf dengan ikhlas cium tangan dan kaki I baru dapat.okbye.

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