Saturday, March 31, 2012

Earth Hour

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Hello!its been a while,right?*bajet famous*the last day of March we celebrate Earth Hour.i mean not celebrate but kinda of supporting.i did support too!switch off all the electricity and went to Giant,hahahahaha.i try to support this 'save-motherhood-event' every year but sadly not many of us aware and support this event.

Its on Saturday end of March every year.just switch off lights for an hour.

People,if you cant do much to save our earth at least do a better than just do nothing and complains.


Monday, March 19, 2012

its been a year...

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A year ago,
today,on this date
I was one of the happiest person in the world
because finally I met with people that inspire me
people that make me laugh and cry
people that cheer me up on my bad day
even just thru video,photos and social network
but finally today on this date a year ago
I got to see them with my own eyes

Its a memory

But right now,
today,on the same date
I'm just 'running' my boring routine life
I dont even know will I be able to meet them again
I dont even know how is our fate
do the guys still remember their promise last year and return?
or do I have to fly to Tokyo as the last resort?
I dont know.I really dont know
I keep hoping and praying hard everyday
no matter when it is as long as it happened
I would be really thankful

I miss the memory.really I miss.and I miss the boys even more.

Super Show 3.

Friday, March 16, 2012

from BK to McD,sobs!

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Tadi nak pergi ambil voucher Burger King hadiah sagu hati dari Touch n Go lepas aku register untuk peraduan entah zaman bila aku pun tak ingat dah tapi disebabkan jammed kitorang lambat sampai office dah tutup dia suruh pergi balik esok dan akhirnya kerana frust pergi makan McD je.phewww!dalam satu napas bagi explanation.kasihan budak 3 ketul tuh,baru I nak belanja Burger King terpaksa makan McD je, esok Sue dengan Niza akan pergi ambil balik voucher tu di HQ Touch n Go nanti Friday ni kita pergi melantak Burger King di KL Sentral,okeh!:D

nyum nyum!

frust tak dapat makan Burger King.

the girls.:D

Monday, March 12, 2012

cousins moments~

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family love.cousins. :)

I love this.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

mean March....~

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you are quite mean to me

stress with new task

and no birthday gift for me

because 6 and 7 April is Paris turn for Super Show 4

not yet Malaysia


i dont like you

so please flies like light


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