Sunday, January 29, 2012

SS3 DVD~bring back the memory!

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The goods that I've been wait for soooooooooooo long finally reach me!ceh,padahal baru sebulan.SS3 DVD already in my hand!hoyeaaahhhh.already watch it and dhdcmkcdgdksad i miss the moment when i watched them LIVE last year!the 'thing' that killing me the most is Siwon's chocolate abs.okay die!i watched it over and over again.:D

not a show-off photos.okaybye.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

darling's day!

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Another darling get married,haish!oh i mean i'm soooooooooo happy for her,muahahaha!

bergambaq dulu!:D

its been a long time since we gather like this!ohh super loike!

taken by amateur :b

see see?the jakuns!even doktor pun jakun!cikgu pun!muahahaha!

dah macam Pak Pandir.

lagi the jakuns!lepas makan terus terkam mendalah ni dulu dari pengantin.

tengah:pengantin baru malu-malu konon.

tepi:pengantin lama jeles la tewww.

depan:anak dara buat-buat terkejut.

apa entah motip pegang-pegang big belly orang.ambil aura ke?

kawan-baik-susah-mati-masa-sekolah.a wife now!

Happy Wedding dear!may you and husband being together till jannah.i'll pray for your happiness!:D

keep updating about gorgeous weds,when is my turn?agagagaga.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

a night to remember~it ours!

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We did it again!another Daesang in 2012!this time in Seoul Music Awards!hoyeahhh!we did great,right?

Siwon crying?damn!this is breaking news!

as always,everytime they won award,leader will cry...

every member was so happy and touched.

uri SHUPA-JU-NI-OYO!they won 6 awards!

4 from allkpop and 2 from SMA. photo is a must after won grand prize!

What make me touched the most when I saw Siwon crying.he is not a crybaby.he rarely cries.he did not cries when they won Daesang in MAMA and didnt even cries too when they won in GDA but he cried during SMA.i'm seriously shocked!i guess he must be so happy and because at that time he just lose both his grannys.another moment that make me cry even harder when Teuk mentions about the other 4 members.he did not mention their names but you know who the 4 members are when they have 13 members and 9 of them were on stage.people keep saying that they are 12 and now 9 but only us know that they're still 13,until forever!

I'm so proud with all these 13 guys.congrats brothers!lets continue working hard in the future!


Monday, January 16, 2012

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Some kind of love cannot be described or just happen.naturally.its like how you love your parents,husband or wife,family and you have any specific reason for loving them?you dont love them just because they give birth to you or because they love you back or because they are part of your life or because they are nice to you.its not like that ,right?

Some kind of love you cant tell the reason why,when or even how it just simply happen.

I'm bragging about this because a colleague ask me why i love Kpop and SJ so much?why i'm so obsessed towards them when they dont even know me?at the moment i just answer her by saying she wouldnt understand.i dont know how to answer her because for me as well i dont have a reason why i love the boys.i love them just because...

Call me crazy,fool or whatever I dont will never understand.experienced it yourself if you wanna know the reason.sometimes its quite tiring to answer this kind of question when i dont even have a particular please stop asking me WHY YOU SO OBSESS TOWARDS KPOP AND SJ.i wont answer you anymore.okbye.

Aaahhh one more,dont say i'm obsess into SJ.the word obsess itself make me mad.i'm not obsess i'm just err hmm err support them.sincerely.okay?its different from obsess.okbye.

sudahlah!kau tak payah paham kenapa aku suka mereka.kau bukan paham apa pun.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

GDA~belongs to SJ+ELF.

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" this award (Daesang Award) is only for our lovely E.L.F . ELF,thanks for everything "

Leeteuk,GDA speech.

The quote touch me the most.YES,after last year nightmare we ELF wake up and work hard together with SJ to ensure that the Daesang that we deserved will be in our hand this this is the result of all our hard work,sweats and tears.we bring the GOLDEN DISK AWARD home!eh I mean Super Junior,we're not living together.muahahahaha.

the smiles that all ELF really want to see.

They won 4 awards which are Popularity Award*3 consecutive years* MSN Japan Award,Disc Bonsang and of course Golden Disc Award!

Because there's no live streaming so I could only rely on twitter and facebook so sad.I wanna watch the boys receive the Daesang with my own eyes but yes because of dbskjdbdcbdf GDA I could only read their victory not watch.even like that I'm still crying hard.:D

The boys taking pictures with the awards after the ceremony.everyone thanking ELF!thank you to you too,oppa!:Dpixs below according to age;








only Siwon and Ryeowook does not take photos with the awards or may be they did but does not show it to us.haish!

This Daesang also our(ELF) special gift to Heenim and Teuk!

sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happpy!:D

Proud ELF.:D

Sunday, January 8, 2012

dear dongseng...

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I dont know this is weird,funny or what.I know this dongseng last year when she approach me first after I attending Super Show 3.she add me in Facebook maybe because of Siwon I guess and since then we became close.we are always twittering,facebooking,messaging and even calling each other but surprisingly we never meet each other in real world.never even once!and today is her birthday so this entry considers as a special entry for her or you might say a birthday gift!:D

Saengilchukahae Munie!:D

turning erkk 22 huh,girl?hahahahaha.

gambaq curik di facebook.ngeeeee:D

May Allah always blessed you.
May you always be happy and healthy
May all your dreams come true
Lets meet someday in the future!
*she always refused to meet me whenever I ask her out*

Thanks to Super Junior and Fatin(I knew her first before Munie) I got to know another nice person in this world.ahhh also Siwon our bias,because of him we always 'fight',muahahaha.hope to see you and become closer!we love you,dongseng,Happy Birthday!:D


p/s:taching tak?taching tak,Munie?:p

everything happen for a good reason

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I'm such a careless girl.yes,I am.since kid I'm always forget my things,leaving them here and there.also forget to do this and that.the worst part is I'm still keep that habit with me till bad.:(

Dan sekarang kerana that habit kereta aku tersadai tak dapat start sebab bateri dah kong.semuanya gara-gara terlupa tutup lampu masa pergi PAS semalam.damn!why i'm so careless?dah dua kali berlaku,teruk betul!:(

Call Elhafiy my cousin for his help dengan harapan tak perlu menghabiskan duit untuk bayar mekanik tapi apalah sangat yang dapat diharap pada seorang lelaki yang tak pernah jump-start kereta.walaupun dia cuba berulang kali hasilnya tetap sama.tak hidup langsung kereta aku!tsk tsk tsk terpaksa juga call mekanik.itulah niat tidak baik Allah tidak berkat.:(

Dan di kala aku rasa macam nak menangis dengan masalah yang hanya sekecil ini,terbaca blog cousin aku di sini dan terus terfikir bahawa semua ini pasti ada hikmahnya.pasti.masalah yang besar kuman ni je tak perlulah sampai nak menangis,kan?so childishlah kau ni!

Aku percaya pada setiap ketentuan Allah.setiap yang berlaku pasti ada hikmahnya.pasti akan ditunjukkanNya sesuatu yang lebih baik di sebalik masalah ini.I want to have a thought like my cousin,in next few days or in the future there's must be something good happen.just have faith in Him.

So,sekarang rasa lebih baik.mungkin rezeki yang aku dapat tu kena kongsi dengan orang lain jugak dan nampaknya aku akan kongsikannya dengan mekanik,esok.murah rezeki hang Encik Mekanik.huwaaaaaaaaa!

p/s:terus tengok mv Walkin Super Junior dan senyum.

Monday, January 2, 2012

hello 2012!

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I know I'm late but I still want to wish


lets have a great 2012.


Ming oppa!

26-years-old brother,Lee Sungmin.

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