Monday, July 30, 2012

Iftar Naimians~

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Semalam berjaya jugak berbuka dengan kesayangan siapa lagi kalau bukan my Naimians.sebabkan weekend hanya ada 4minggu sebelum raya dan 1st week dah sah-sah terlepas maka cuak jugaklah kalau tak sempat beriftar sama-sama memandangkan semua orang ada je komitmen masing-masing di hujung minggu.berbuka dengan boyfrinedlah balik rumah makcik-pakciklah berbuka dengan officematelah itulah inilah jadi semalam phewww berjaya!kena ada team leader yang kejam macam aku,paksa semua orang datang,muahahaha!
So semalam iftar di rumah baru Nik konon-konon sempena house warming party dia jugaklah.sebab bukan semua orang tahu rumah baru dia kat mana,aku dengan Sue je yang tahu.ehem kerek disitu.jadi semalam semua dah tahu nanti next time bolehlah kita pergi sepahkan lagi rumah dia.
Menunya nasi ayam.kerana di masak bersama-sama dengan penuh kasih sayang maka rasa sedap sangat.okay menipu sangat tapi memang sedap.walaupun Nik dah kahwin tapi kitorang peduli hapa nak jugak tidur rumah dia sebab rumah dia best maka kasihan husband dia Suhud kena duduk dalam bilik macam anak dara sedangkan kitorang buat macam rumah sendiri lepak sesedap rasa di ruang tamu tak pakai tudung.hah,bila kawan tu buka pintu sikit je baru nak bertempiaran lari cari tudung.sengal sangat!sorry Suhud,nanti lain kali kitorang buat lagi.
Tengah hari tadi baru semua orang,heh berlima je pun padahal Chaeid dengan Shafa tak stay balik ke rumah masing-masing dengan berat hati.Suhud mesti gembira akhirnya kitorang blah jugak dari rumah dia,mahahahahaha tapi kitorang akan datang lagi nanti!ahaks!

3 chef utama cari bahan mentah.aku follower je.

 Cheq,Yaa dan Sue.

 the making of nasi ayam.
kena pakai tudung sebab ada Suhud,bukan muhrim.:)

 time menghidang.aku memang tak berbakti sangat sebab dah kena spell
dengan Siwon dan Donghae di 8TV,mianhae chingu-ya.

 all of us!tak ada Nik sebab dia yang amik gambar.
in the end tetaplah muka sama je yang datang tapi never mind.still meriah!

Next will be Riang Ria Raya,heh!akulah jugak yang nak kena plan semua.itu akan terjadi di hari raya nanti pastinya di Kelantan.looking forward for that!harap lebih ramai yang join!


Saturday, July 21, 2012

magic touch~Teuk!

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I wish I had gifted writing talent so that I could write thousands of my own fanfic.but I am suck in writing and my English is not that excellent.lack of vocab is my disadvantage.I have soooooooooooooo much ideas but it only plays on my mind because I cant write it down and only could ask some great writers to write it for bad,right?

I always wander on internet looking for a great blog that write great fanfic,ohh its obviously Super Junior site that i'm looking for.i'm not really into AFF because that site inculdes all the Kpop fic not only SJ.and there is it when i found this one amazing site!

Its  this blog completely for ELF.all kind of fanfics are written by only two great admins and some of them are been submitted by some other great writters.most of the story are amazing and realistic.also most of them are between YOU and the members!you know reading the fic that including yourself make you daydream seems become reality.okay may be it only apply to me.hahahahahaha.

The other reason I love this site because reader can request a fic and the admin would write it for them!I try it once and the admin really did write the fic for me and I love the story so much!I put the story below,so do read it!the storyline is my idea,written by amazing admin R!

Its Teuk and You!:D

 “Have a good day at work, honey,” you say to Leeteuk as he heads out the door.
“I will, babe. I’ll see you tonight.”
He kisses you sweetly before leaving the apartment, closing the door behind him. You sigh and look around the apartment. It was, frankly, a mess. There’s a pile of dirty dishes in the kitchen and the oven looked like it had never met a sponge. In the living room, there are magazines all over the coffee table and the books stacked in a piles around the room. Your bedroom is the worst of all. there are clothes everywhere, some dirty some clean, and more books not on shelves. You survey the whole apartment from the front door. It needs a good clean and that’s no lie.
You start in the kitchen as it was the most messy. You scrubs at the oven, trying not to throw up at the greasy brown stuff that covered your sponge. Soon though, the stubborn stains lift and ease off, revealing the white surface. This gives you the confidence in going on, cleaning the counter tops and tackling the pile of dirty dishes. You love Leeteuk dearly, but he never cleans up. He’s used to his dongsaengs doing it for him, so now it was left up to you.
Once the kitchen is cleaned, you move to the living room. You tidy away all the magazines that Leeteuk leaves lying round, putting them all in a neat pile in the middle of the coffee table which you polish until it gleams. The books are put back on the shelf and you dust every surface possible, lifting things off the shelves and wiping them clean with a damp cloth. You stop for an hour and half for something to eat and a rest before letting the bathroom feel the wrath of your sponges. You tidy away all of your and Leeteuk’s products, arranging them in tidy in the cupboard where they originally belonged, before cleaning the shower out and sweeping the floor. Finally, with a slightly aching back but retaining your determination, you tackle the bedroom. You fold all the clothes that are clean and put all the dirty ones in the washing machine before clearing away all the junk that was littered about before making the bed.
As you tuck the sheet under the mattress on Leeteuk’s side of the bed, you hear the crinkle of paper. Lifting the corner of the mattress, you find a folded piece of paper. Fishing it out, you open it and read it:

Dear Park Jung-soo,
I am writing to inform you that you have passed the medial examination completed on 14th May 2012. In accordance to the Conscription Law, you are required to serve a minimum of 21 months of military service, commencing on 1st September 2012. You must report to the Chungnam Nonsan army camp at 1:30PM on 1st September 2012 to begin your four-week basic military training.
You are required to bring the following:
1) A letter from your employer stating when you commenced employment and your salary.
2) A copy of your highest educational certificate.
3) Passport, driving license, citizen card or any other form of official identification.
4) Medical identification e.g. reference no. of hospital or clinic.
Failure to do so will find you guilty of Section 9 of the Conscription Law and will result in imprisonment.

You sit down heavily on the bed you just made. You knew this day would come. But why did he keep this a secret from you? What was he going to do come 1st September? Was he just going to up and leave you without an explanation? He shared everything with you - but why did he hide this? Didn’t he love you enough?
You begin to cry. Big, chocked sobs leave your throat, your shoulders shaking and your diaphragm spasming as tears roll down your face onto your hands that still clutch at the letter. You need Leeteuk. He is your rock. And now your rock is being pulled from the sand, leaving you swimming fruitlessly in the sea with nothing to cling on. 21 months would be torture without him. 21 months without his smile, his laugh, his kind eyes. 21 months without his kisses, his hugs, his charm. 21 months without the sound of his tinkling on the piano in his study, the feel of his breath on the back of your neck as he slept, the taste of his skin when you got intimate. You don’t know how you would survive.
“I’m home!” Leeteuk calls as the front door opens. You don’t move. The sound of Leeteuk’s voice makes you cry harder. You glance at the clock. You must have been crying for a while. You hear him stretch and take his shoes off before padding into the kitchen, looking for you. He calls your name, but you don’t reply. Your throat is tight and you can’t make any sound apart from sobbing.
“Baby, what’s wrong?” He says as he rushes to your side. He tries to put his arm around you to comfort you, but you flinch away and stand up.
“When were you going to tell me?”
“Tell you what?”
“About this!” you exclaim, throwing the letter at him. He scans over it and closes his eyes.
“How did you find it?” he asks in a quiet voice.
“I was making the bed. More importantly, why did you hide it from me? Why didn’t you tell me straight away? We never have secrets!”
“Because I knew you would get like this! I knew you would get upset and I hate seeing you cry.”
He holds his arms out to you.
“Come here, baby girl.”
“Don’t touch me!” you exclaim, moving backwards, tears still falling down your face. You scrub at your face with your sleeves. Leeteuk just stands, useless, his arms falling to his sides.
“I…I d-don’t want you t-to leave me,” you splutter in bettwen sobs. Leeteuk reaches out and carefully takes your hand.
“I have to. You know what will happen if I don’t. It’ll be shameful to not give something back my country. I’ll be treated with hostility and I can’t have that if I’m an idol. You know this.” He pauses to press a kiss to your forehead. “I’ll be back before you know it and before I go, we’ll make this time special. I promise. Everything will be okay. I’ll always love you.”
You let him wrap his arms around you and you hold him close to you. You close your eyes as you inhale his scent. It could be one of the last times you get to smell it for a long time.

credit to Admin R for writing this!

If you love reading fanfic and daydream about being the guys's girljust like me go attack that blog.I have give the link me,you wont regret.its an amazing blog that updates everyday.I visit that blog every single day.every single day.^______*

i have more story to request admin R,get ready!kekekeke.

SJ-Star Life Theater

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Watching Super Junior Star Life Theater bring tears to my eyes.these guys...really.I dont understand how people can even hate them.they,even though already being on the top of the world still working like they just debut.working even harder than anyone.they,even though can stay with their family but choose to live together,for me its really shows a brotherhood.they,no matter how tired and didnt get enough sleep but still doing their best and never complains.they just dknnddjdldkdywe...haih!

ELF and even non-ELF should watch this show then you will know why ELF love these guys so much ptotect them to death and why these guys always be on top and win everything.all together 5 episodes!Happy Watching!:D

 Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

credit to whoever upload and subs this show.i dont know who but i believe he/she is an ELF.thanks sibling!

I cry when the episode 5 ends.tsktsktsk.

as long as we keep holding each other hands trust each other till the end,Super Junior and ELF will never dissapear...

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

100712~Heenim Ahjusshi!

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Our Heenim birthday!this ahjusshi turning 29 today,just like Teuk!I miss him.

not this year.
I wish he will always be happy and healthy.even though I'm sad because he deactive his twitter last night,on his birthday night due to his madness towards idiot saesang fans but I will still wait for him.only one year year. do well in army and returns to us safely,pabo ahjusshi!:D

Thursday, July 5, 2012

because of them...

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I told you I would do anything for Super Junior.anything, dalam konsep yang mudah kau nak faham adalah apa sahaja selagi tidak terkeluar dari syariat agama aku,Islam.dan hasilnya kerana SJ comeback di M Countdown hari ni maka dengan tidak beragak ambil half-day dan balik streaming M Countdown.boleh?hahahahaha gamble tak aku?bajet nak half-day esok sebab dorang patut comeback di Music Bank esok jadi boleh tengok di tv besar lagi jelas dan HD tapi esok Music Bank siar yang Hong Kong punya special pulak jadi tak ada lagilah untuk performance dorang maka tukar ke hari ni.gamble gila decide nak half-day hari ni.pukul 12 nak blah pukul 1115 baru confirmed nak half-day jugak walau apapun yang berlaku lepas tu isi form 1130 pergi apply dekat bos.nasib baik bos approve.hahahahaha.
Minggu ni je ke?kekekekekehehehehe minggu depan kita buat lagi tapi hari Jumaat pulak untuk Music Bank jadi tidaklah obvious sangat kenapa aku half-day hari yang sama 2minggu berturut-turut.heeeeeeeee!but to tell the truth,my half-day is worth it!SJ comeback really jjang!:D

eh,jangan bagitahu bos aku tau!:p

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Sexy Free & Single MV~kills ELF!

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The MV!no need to explain more.only three words is enough to describe it.




Sunday, July 1, 2012

awesome July starts!:D

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Today,the first day of July is a very special day for ELF,SJ and SJ leader,Teukie.guess why?because today is Teukie oppa birthday and most special gift on his birthday is the releasing of their 6th album!djduydukulkwqdiu its already 6th people!

Already listen to all the songs and I really fall for their ballads;Someday,Daydream and Goodbye.damn so awesome!and of course I love Sexy Free and Single too!already order the album too!^_____^

And also our best leader birthday!he must be very happy.turning 29 already but why still has baby face?haih oppa,I lost to you!i look like a 40 years old ahjumma.kekekeke.

being caked by dongsengs is a must!:D

thank you Jungsoo,
thank you is not enough for all the things
you had done to the members and ELF
but I couldnt do more
I could only say thank you and stay beside you
hope you know our heart
we wont change and wait for you,always.

One thing that make me start to get mad is where is the official MV?SM how long you want ELF to wait?haihh this company really! 

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