Friday, July 1, 2011

the day God sent an angel to ELF~

love and huggies by goodgirlgee at Friday, July 01, 2011
He’s a leader.He’s a brother.He’s an angel.He suffers the most yet still smiles brightly.He,no matter how hard thing is still trying to do his best.He, no matter how tired he is still trying to endure to the end.He, no matter how harsh people towards his members and ELF still trying to protect them even it means hurting himself.He is our Jungsoo oppa.Jungsoo oppa celebrates his 28th birthday today!

He is the first member i'm start wishing birthday.and his birthday was the first one i wrote here!

our Jungsoo oppa,

even though already 28

but in our eyes

he still a dork

with a very pure and sincere heart

that always think of others first

and sacrifice himself

no matter in what situation

happy or sad.ease or hard

Jungsoo oppa,

SJ and ELF will never leave your side.we have promise!

Jungsoo oppa,i have so much to wish you but i dont know where to start and in the end i could only thank you.thank you for everything you had done to indeed our angel.i will always pray for you.saranghamnida,oppa!sweet 28!

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