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Selamat Ulang Tahun ke5,abang!

love and huggies by goodgirlgee at Saturday, November 06, 2010
6 Nov 2005-6Nov 2010,the brothers that i love celebrating their 5th Anniversary,you go guys!




its already 5years!these 5years,they have been through so much.the 5 years that filled with joy and sorrow.the 5 years that filled with happiness and sadness.the 5 years that filled with laugh and tears.the 5 years that only them and ELF could understand.

the letter from us(ELF) to Super Junior.*this letter has been translated into 30 languages,i'm taking the english*

Dear Super Junior,

Thank you for being one of the greatest things in our lives. You are not a mere boy band, a simple crush, or an impersonate idol. You are 13 young men who, through true spirits and good hearts, have united thousands of people. You have entertained and inspired us through your hard work and talents. Yet most importantly, you have taught us valuable life lessons. We learned from you that dreams are vaster than state boarders. And that positive spirit is the key to all challenges. You showed us that we must work hard for what we love and protect and stand for whom we love. We learned from you that being a humble dork is much more charming than being a stuck-up jerk. You taught us that spontaneity is a gift not a defect and that you will always grow old, but not necessarily grow up. And that life is sweet but never easy. And that with all these virtues, we can all change the world.

We just wanted to let you know that you did change the world. You are more than music idols, or entertainers, you are heroes, for you have positively changed the lives of many. We want to always be guided by you. You do not need a catchy song to steal our hearts; your smiles have already done that. You have always touched our lives and hearts, and we wish day and night to be able to do the same for you. We wish that every year you would feel closer to us, and feel our unwavering admiration and love for you. Please always know that you succeeded in the past few years and that in every world corner you have an ELF to witness that. We will stand united for you and for the many years of success to come, not just in your career, but mostly in your life.

Yours always and forever,

E.L.Fs around the world

6, Nov, 2010

because we love them sincerely!

what the guys say about today...*taking from their tweets*

Yesung: Today's fifth anniversary of Super Junior's debut ^^ E.L.F.s who have been with us to this moment ........ who will also be with us continuously Thanks.......

Eunhyuk:I was wondering what was going on....5 years? It's only 5 years. It's huge when a team that was only going to be together for a year goes on for 5 years. But, a team that's going to be together for 50 years, 500 years has only been together for 5 years. Why are people fussing over it..........said me but I'm getting goosebumps right now!!To every E.L.F.s all over the world who have been with us for 5 years!!! I cannot express in words how thankful I am...Also, our members!!!!! Really, I don't need anything else~~~ Let's be together for a long time and let's laugh at the end!!!! Eumhaha~ I can't say it in person....I love you!!!!!!

Ryeoowok: 5th anniversary. Thankyou for many supports and loves to make Super Junior like this, ELF^^ also I love you SJ members♥

Donghae: Not just 5th anniversary, together (we will celebrate) 50th anniversary, 500th anniversary hehehe I LOVE U.

and they love us sincerely too!

taken from Super Show 2

as much as we love them,they love us too!
because we are Everlasting Friends and its tie us tightly!

Happy 5th Anniversary SUPER JUNIOR.

I wasnt there from the beginning,but from now on till the end I will be there with them.I love you,oppa~

credit:video owner(cc1164),elf letter translator and also oppa twitter.

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