Saturday, September 29, 2012

when good news and bad news comes together...

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Three big news-2bad and 1good-within a heart dont know how to contain them.

Will go with the bad news first.

It was Monday morning when i'm ready to go to work,while getting ready I surfed twitter and all the tweets about Teuk oppa enlistment date and all the waiting things and blah blah blah appeared.i was like what happened?why suddenly all those things coming out early in the morning?later i found that the date for Teuk oppa enlistment was out and its confirmed.its 30th October. next first i think it must be just a rumour but as more confirmed news come out,the fact started hitting me slowly and i cried the whole way to work.because that day i'm waiting for good news yet i got the bad one,i really feel sad.knowing the date alone i'm crying like a baby,i dont how can i handle myself on the day he leave...

Two days after that i got another bad news but it has nothing to do with SJ,its my family.i lost my nenek-saudara on Wednesday.shocked because i'm quite close to her,i mean compare to other nenek saudara,we had a good relationship.when i met her during hari raya or when i got home during holidays i'm not only greet her with shaking hands but also kiss her cheeks and hug her.its quite close,right?so when i suddenly got the news about her death,i really feel like crying.i was in the office and got a text from my sister about that news.i feel sorry and guilty because i didnt go home to give the last respect to her but dad says its okay since i'm already met her last hari raya.may she rest in peace

And yesterday after waiting for four days for the good news,its finally come out!oh after being sad crying and all the bad news finally here the good news!guess what?guess what?OMG OMG i've been waiting and wondering for few weeks and when it really come out i feel,i screamed,hahahahha!

YES!YES!YES!SJM is coming to Malaysia again!this December!oh my...faint!after a year and half,they finally returns!after SM turned us down for SS4,they finally give us this.thank you so much Marctensia,the organizer who bring them here.i'm not gonna miss this!NO!i have to work hard from now so that i could buy the most expensive ticket and being as close as posibble to the boys just like during SS3!

oh money please fall from the sky!^________^

So now i'm counting the days for the bad news(sent Teuk oppa to army) and good news(SJM in Malaysia).have to go thru the bad one first before the good one.


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