Saturday, January 21, 2012

a night to remember~it ours!

love and huggies by goodgirlgee at Saturday, January 21, 2012
We did it again!another Daesang in 2012!this time in Seoul Music Awards!hoyeahhh!we did great,right?

Siwon crying?damn!this is breaking news!

as always,everytime they won award,leader will cry...

every member was so happy and touched.

uri SHUPA-JU-NI-OYO!they won 6 awards!

4 from allkpop and 2 from SMA. photo is a must after won grand prize!

What make me touched the most when I saw Siwon crying.he is not a crybaby.he rarely cries.he did not cries when they won Daesang in MAMA and didnt even cries too when they won in GDA but he cried during SMA.i'm seriously shocked!i guess he must be so happy and because at that time he just lose both his grannys.another moment that make me cry even harder when Teuk mentions about the other 4 members.he did not mention their names but you know who the 4 members are when they have 13 members and 9 of them were on stage.people keep saying that they are 12 and now 9 but only us know that they're still 13,until forever!

I'm so proud with all these 13 guys.congrats brothers!lets continue working hard in the future!


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