Thursday, September 1, 2011

sad September~

love and huggies by goodgirlgee at Thursday, September 01, 2011
Today is the day.the day that i wouldnt forget.the day that i'm trying to avoid.the day that all ELF around the world shed tears because of a man.a man that make us laugh.a man that make us cry.a witty man.a man that full with tease.a man with bad-temper but we love this man because he's being himself.

Kim Heechul.

I thought the boys would send him off at the site but the sudden news i read said that they will not send him there.just at the dorm.whathehacks?ahhh i wanna see the boys crying!*crazy me*.i wonder how the boys saying good bye to they cry a lot?do they have a group hug like always?i really hope they will be strong so that ELF can be strong too.

Heechul oppa,
just go.i wont miss you.i wont wait for you.i will live my life as if nothing happend,like you are still be here with us.but later on when you return i'll still here like the first day you leave.nothing will change.

just do your best in your service.stay healthy and eat well.dont get sick.dont worry about the members and ELF.we'll be fine.i will pray for you.fighting Kim Heechul!

oppa,i dont cry.really!

p/s:this is how i send Heenim off?i couldnt write i'm sorry.i'm lying about crying.bye!

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