Thursday, January 20, 2011

lagu mereka untuk kami!

love and huggies by goodgirlgee at Thursday, January 20, 2011
Setiap idol ada cara diorang sendiri untuk tunjukkan kasih sayang dan tanda terima kasih diorang pada fans.salah satunya melalui lagu.kalau 2PM ada Thank You untuk Hottest.Beast pun Thank You jugak untuk Beauty.*errkk 2 idols 2 je yang aku,kekeke.*Super Junior pun ada lagu jugak untuk Elf,bukan satu tapi dua,tahu!


Lyric:Leeteuk Song:Henry(SJM)

It’s all my heart,Babe.
My hearts filled with you
Give me your hand on my chest
It’s beating

You’re everything in my head
Within the difficult day in the world
You make me alive in the tiring day
After wandering for a long time (Alone)

I’ve been with standed without you (Without you)
Now I gradually feel peaceful and suddenly smile
Bind up the dark curtain (Far away)
Hold up the feeling (Your feeling)
Facing me, you shade away my sadness

I still can’t saying that
I’m falling head over, tingling to say that word
Love you more than anyone else
Only you and me and me, and me, and me

I’m really happy in this moment
Really thank you for coming to me
Thanks for the one who loves me
Only you and me and me, and me, exactly you,

Baby Boo, My hot little figure
Whom I was searching anywhere on earth
When I almost collapse with exhaust

I just eye on you, my beloved Venus
It feels like a dream, so don’t wake me up
We so fine Do you want to fly to the sky
I mean no one can interfere us
Both holding hands will never let you go,I admit
I promise that everybody will envy us.

This is what I’m begging,Baby.
Can I be the only guy who stay with you and holds your hands
My significant thing is you.
I’m afraid that you would leave. I wouldn’t let you go.
How can I keep you this way?

Big money or nice car (For me)
They’re not what I’m satisfied. (Satisfied)
Your existence is special

Nothing can be measure
The more I getting know you (closer)
I completely have a crash (head over)
Having dream is a little delight
Drewing to see you

To unfold my only crumble wish
Within my wish, you and I may be together
You’re very far away
Whenever you come back closer Yeah~
I’m having my tears Yeah~

*Leeteuk cakap masa tulis lagu ni dia fikirkan Elf.auuuww so sweet oppa!

another song for ELF


Super Junior presents a tribute
To SJ's biggest fan club the ELF
My girls my angels
Five years ago we met, and I thought
It was love,baby
No matter where I go
You're always standing next to me like a shadow
In the so-called love
Sometimes there is a lot to prove
If I have to hurt and lose my temper
Will you stay with me?

Baby baby baby baby baby
We should not separate
Oh my lady lady lady lady lady
I really love you,yeah
Shawty shawty shawty shawty shawty
I choose only you
My tears and that little smile
That come from you

I wont worry about to much
So you dont have to say about
These kind of words
No matter what to see in this world
For me,definitely no other person
Is more beautiful than you
I dont know why you did say to me
I dont have many things for you
I'm sorry
But now I will do more for you

We love you.

p/s:sekarang cakap Elf mana yang tak moved kalau dah diorang 'berperangai' macam ni?okay kalau ada dia bukan Elf.

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