Saturday, June 8, 2013

Stupid Siwon in Sukira^^

love and huggies by goodgirlgee at Saturday, June 08, 2013
Even though I dont understand a word,okay no i understand few words but for Encik Siwon, and idiot persistently streaming Sukira last night.just like last time when the dumb and dumber appeared in Sukira last month.

He came alone in sweater and pant but as always he looks gorgeous.kekekekeke.and the idiot me whenever i heard his laugh i will laugh too because i love Choi Siwon's laugh.its weird but i like.pfffttt sound annoying.bahahahaha.okay i better stop before i start compliment him.
you know me..i cant when it comes to Siwon.agagagagaga.

 Stupid Siwon!:p

He talked a lot and laughed a lot happy to see him like that.hope he would visit his member's radio often before start going busy with movie filming.

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