Thursday, May 16, 2013

gorgeous's birthday!

love and huggies by goodgirlgee at Thursday, May 16, 2013
Today is my gorgeous-nice-sweet-amazing-hardwork-generous-everything besfriend's birthday!she is one of the wonderful friend i ever had in my life.remember the girl whose celebrate my birthday last month?yerp!that her,my Nadia Ilina!i want to do something for her too but because her birthday is today which is on the working day so there's nothing much i can do.i just use all the application that i have to surprise her.kkkk.and blog about her is one of it!:p

To my beautiful Nadia Ilina whom always be with me in good and bad time,I wish you happy birthday.may all your dreams come true,i know many of your dreams already come true,bahahahaha.i pray for your healthy and happy always.dont cry alone.i will pray for your jodoh too! know you always have me,right?^^

For many many many more years to come,lets hold hand and walk together!HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVE!welcome to 26th club!bahahahaha.I love you!^^

 gorgeous forever love!gitewwww~~kkkk.

saengilchukahamida.happy birthday.selamat hari lahir.sanah hilwa ya jamilah.^^

lets be together until jannah!*cry*okaytipu.


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