Sunday, July 1, 2012

awesome July starts!:D

love and huggies by goodgirlgee at Sunday, July 01, 2012
Today,the first day of July is a very special day for ELF,SJ and SJ leader,Teukie.guess why?because today is Teukie oppa birthday and most special gift on his birthday is the releasing of their 6th album!djduydukulkwqdiu its already 6th people!

Already listen to all the songs and I really fall for their ballads;Someday,Daydream and Goodbye.damn so awesome!and of course I love Sexy Free and Single too!already order the album too!^_____^

And also our best leader birthday!he must be very happy.turning 29 already but why still has baby face?haih oppa,I lost to you!i look like a 40 years old ahjumma.kekekeke.

being caked by dongsengs is a must!:D

thank you Jungsoo,
thank you is not enough for all the things
you had done to the members and ELF
but I couldnt do more
I could only say thank you and stay beside you
hope you know our heart
we wont change and wait for you,always.

One thing that make me start to get mad is where is the official MV?SM how long you want ELF to wait?haihh this company really! 

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